Catholics, does this offend you?

Folks, despite “Catholic feminist” protestations to the contrary, our Catholic Faith is based on Patriarchs (of whom God the Father is the greatest), which is the natural order created by and through love — a love that created families (and the Church herself!) with fathers as the protective head.

If you are Catholic and you find the above images, litany, and Scripture insulting, demeaning, or offensive—or if you even just want to politely assert that they are simply wrong and old-fashioned—then you need to clear your mind and think again. Consider that your formation may be coming more from the secular culture (“the world”) than from Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.

I need your stories for my next book project!

Hi, guys! Happy Easter!!

I’m (FINALLY) working on my next book, a sort of “follow-up” to Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak, and I need your help! Remember Chapter Ten of Primal Loss, “Stories of Hope”? Well, this is going to be a whole book of such stories—hopeless marriages redeemed! 

If you and your spouse (or if your parents) had a terribly difficult, painful, and even disastrous marriage that was redeemed--even in its twilight years, or on the deathbed of one spouse--I want to hear it. Every story will remain anonymous, and I will change dates and details as necessary. I need you to speak from the heart and even stream-of-consciousness (don’t worry about the editing and grammar; that’s my job), and its length can be anywhere from…