If you are a now-adult child of divorce and would like to be part of a secret facebook group where you can speak freely and be supported and understood, please go to this link:

Secret facebook group for the now-adult children of divorce

Only the adult children of divorce are allowed in the groups (over 18, please).

Also, for teens and young adults who have experienced the pain of their parents’ divorce, there is a new site just for you. Go to restoredministry.com and check it out!

Both of these resources are founded and run by personal friends of mine. I trust them and vouch for them both. They “get it.”

Also, please remember that a PDF form of Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak is always available, for free, here. The link may be shared with anyone and everyone. (Paperbacks are always available on Amazon.)

God bless you!